The Division has best-selling week one for any new IP

$300 million, gross!

The Division shares its DNA with a lot of Ubisoft games but it is technically not a sequel and it isn’t exactly based on existing property (despite the “Tom Clancy’s” in the title). That makes it a “new IP.” 

And this new IP went beyond breaking Ubisoft’s day-one sales records by grossing $330 million (worldwide, physical and digitial estimation) and “ongoing record sell-through sales” en route to becoming the best-selling new franchise in its first five days of existence.

Ubisoft also boasts a 1.2 million peak concurrent user count and The Division‘s constant place in the top five (and sometimes the top, period) viewed game on Twitch.

All of which is incredibly surprising to me, about-games writer, whose own myopia left me thinking folks weren’t particularly excited for this game. I guess hype didn’t cool from a few years back, or Ubisoft marketed the shit out of it and I don’t see ads anywhere? Maybe Destiny simply already proved console players do want to play MMOs as long as they’re polished and don’t look like World of Warcraft.

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