The director of ARMS wants to keep the story going, will he get the chance?

ARMS kind of just stopped one day

ARMS was underwhelming in some ways at launch, but it had a lot of potential that Nintendo somewhat expanded upon with major and minor updates. The former died a while back though, and we don’t really know what the future holds for this series.

Just recently in Famitsu, Kosuke Yabuki re-iterated that he’d like to see the story of the game continue, and that he’s not giving up on minor balance updates and the like. ARMS has also yet to launch in South Korea, an event that also is taking up some of his time.

Like its current patches, it’s nice to check in with ARMS from time to time and see how it’s doing. All-around both inside the development team and out it seems to have a small passionate community around it, and if Nintendo isn’t planning a sequel anytime soon, it at least deserves a character cameo in the upcoming Smash on Switch.

ARMS [Famtisu via Japanese Nintendo]

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