The Diablo-esque Magic: The Gathering game is getting a beta this spring

Due on PC this year, PS4/Xbox One in 2021

Slowly but surely after that very vague and somewhat misleading Game Awards reveal (in which the MMO elements of this very dungeon-crawler looking game were pumped up), Wizards of the Coast and Perfect World Entertainment are pulling back the curtain on Magic: Legends.

Here’s what we know. Magic: Legends takes its cues from the dungeon crawler subgenre, which will allow players to utilize different types of planeswalkers and magic elements to take down hordes of enemies. As revealed this week, it’ll debut sometime in 2020 on PC, but will not hit consoles (specifically PS4 and Xbox One, for now) until 2021.

You can try it out earlier, though. The beta period is confirmed to kick off in the spring, which will provide access to the Geomancer and Mind Mage Planeswalker classes. Signups are now live if you hit this link here.

So far, the whole “MMO” angle seems to feed into the free-to-play nature of the game, which has me worried about microtransaction tentacles strangling this project. Wizards and Perfect World are being mum on those for now, which is probably a smart move. Either way, the tagline “the planes in Magic: Legends can be traversed alone or with up to two other Planeswalkers,” doesn’t sound very “massive.”

Beta [Magic: Legends]

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