The Devil Went Down to Georgia is coming to Rock Band… but it’s by Nickelback

How you Remind Me of Guitar Hero III

Some real conflicting emotions coming out of the Rock Band DLC this week. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is being added to the Rock Band library. That’s the bad news. However, it’s performed by Nickelback. That’s its saving grace.

Wait, I’m being informed that I’ve severely mixed those two things up.

Apparently Nickelback covered “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” a few months ago, and now it’s a Rock Band track. It’s a song that’s etched in rhythm game history as made famous by the Steve Ouimette speed metal cover as the final boss battle in Guitar Hero III.

But, alas, this is not the Steve Ouimette version — and who even knows what the rights are like for that because Activision published Guitar Hero III and quite possibly owns the song — and it’s not even the Charlie Daniels version (who has major beef with the canonical representation of his song). It’s the Nickelback version. At least it doesn’t sound like “Photograph.”

We don’t report on Rock Band DLC super often anymore, but we’ll make an exception for a legendary Guitar Hero track as performed by Everyone’s Favorite Canadian Rock Band. What an unexpected whiplash of events.

Brett Makedonski
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