The Destructoid Wrestling Tournament starts tomorrow, post your predictions here!

No chance in hell

We’ve just finished taping the Destructoid Championship Tournament and the first episode is set to go live Monday, April 3rd. Get ready to rumble, folks.

The first couple episodes will deal with the Destructoid Championship tournament, where current Destructoid staffers battle for the honor of being dubbed the first-ever Destructoid Champion. Except we could only find seven volunteers, so…wait, what’s that? Zack Furniss, our resident horror expert, thought about the film The Bye Bye Man and now the eponymous Bye Bye Man will be facing Zack in the tournament?? In a match that can only be decided by pinfall, submission, or death?!

After we’ve finished with the Destructoid Championship Tournament, we’ll move onto the Sizzleweight Championship Tournament, which is open to: Destructoid alumni, community members, and, uh, the Babadook. Weird. That card will feature community upstart Sir Charles of Shred, former community manager Andy Dixon, my wrestling arch-rival Max Scoville, and so many more!

Each tournament will feature random match types, but the respective championships will be decided in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. The winners of each tournament will put their newly earned straps on the line at CoximanoMania, in a triple threat against the winner of the Loser’s Bracket Royal Rumble.

We’ve posted the full brackets for each tournament below. Post your predictions! If you’re right (and you don’t already know the answer) maybe you’ll win something! I dunno. I’m capricious.

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