The Destructoid Store is giving away an Xbox One S in less than 100 hours!

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Have you heard of the Destructoid Store? That’s a thing. Stop spending all your money on porn and teach yourself how to make pixel art games in Unity3D — 90% off. And while you’re at it win some free stuff, too! Also, if you haven’t met me already, I’m new here. I’m Matt. There’s a 0.00001% chance you’re also Matt, so let’s find a way to peacefully coexist. Please feel free to hijack the comments into an AMA, but first I’ve got some stuff to give away!

To kick things off with a bang I want to send somebody a free frickin’ Xbox One S, the new white shiny one. Click here to check out the contest.

There’s no purchase to win, and it’s over in four days. What’s the catch, you say? I’m working hard to promote our shop, so we simply ask that you check out my newsletter. (If you don’t like the deals I find you can always unsubscribe immediately, I won’t be offended.) Also, please note that Huge Members aren’t automatically enrolled in this one as it requires you to manually enter your email address, as we would never use/share it without your permission.

The Destructoid Shop is new, but Stack Social (our sponsor) has been around for many many years and powered many community shops (previously Joystiq, RIP). My goal as your Dtoid Store blogger is to find relevant gaming deals and also not to be redundant: I always make sure we beat Amazon’s prices (and may humbly brag when I do). I’m also on the hunt for unique items you mind not see elsewhere, like this amazing $13 Pokemon Pokeball grinder. 

We hope you’ll like our shop, and part of the sale does support our site which is a beautiful thing. Thanks and good luck — we’ll announce the wieners shortly after the contest closes.

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