The Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 05/27/07

The Destructoid Network wrap up is back! Just in time because there is a lot of catching up to do. First, here are the top 5 stories from Destructoid, Japanator, and NextLust. 

Destructoid Top 5:
Contest:  Design our ratings label, win free crap.
Sneak peak of the future of Destructoid.
Guitar Hero 3 tracks announced.
Jack Thompson goes after Halo 3.
Game Debate: Baraka Vs Vega.

Japanator Top 5:
TOP TEN: God Len’s top ten list of cool anime characters!
Behind the J-Pop Camera.
First Impressions: Dennou Coil.
Matrix food fight on TV.
ZB’s A-Z of J-Music: “L-M”.

NextLust Top 5:
New Intel Laptop makes your current rig look fat and bloated.
iPod Shuffle now works as headgear.
Who needs a landline anyways?
16 million colors and all bendy too, thanks Sony!
A search engine that searches other search engines.

Now then, it’s time to play a little catch up. First off, in the last two weeks, we’ve unleashed several new features! Last week marked the return of the glorious Podtoid along with a new podcast called RetroforceGO!. Concocted by Alex Ryan, it specializes in all things of the old school.

This week, Mr. Haley introduced two new features. World Famous Portmanteau, which is a game made for all of the people who b*tch at how easy Fronz’s Mind Teasers are. The other feature is called Free Stuff for the Week. Internets plus free stuff equals massive win.

Last week also marked the birth of Jim Sterling’s The Non-Newsround. Obviously, Jim is a liberal and believes in not wasting a damn thing. Analog Pidgin debuted his Aural Fixation feature which will deal with all thing music. Sir David also introduced his guide to recognizing gamers. It’s a great read and I also think David has an hidden agenda of being the writer who writes the most in a post. Linde, Anthony, watch your backs!

Also, happy birthday to Lark. Stop playing board games and actually post stuff on Japanator!

[Image made by Travis]

Hamza Aziz