The Destiny 2 transmog grind is worse than we thought, to the point where it needs to be addressed like, soon

Who greenlit this

Over time, Destiny 2 has become more of a grind. But the recent transmogrification system (or “transmog,” or even simpler, the ability to swap out cosmetic looks for gear, similar to MMOs) is a grind upon a grind, seated on a throne of microtransaction shortcuts.

So we knew it was going to suck. We had a heads-up where Bungie for some reason explained the system in detail like people weren’t going to push back against it, like it was a good idea; to convolute a really old mechanic that developers nailed over a decade ago. But this Reddit thread from alonie-homie sheds some light on just how bad it is.

Remember how you needed to grind out materials to earn the right to start the transmog process? well apparently drop rates of those mats aren’t based on kills: they’re time-gated, according to community testing. So it can take about five hours to get past step one: then you need to actually collect bounties and complete them.

By some estimations, it would take roughly 150 hours to grab all of the ornaments across the three classes, or about 50 hours per class. Note that transmog is gated by season. Or, you can pay real money (silver) and skip this.

It’s kind of indefensible, and Bungie will probably use their “we hear you and will adjust” shtick. But the extent to which people are willing to actually sit through it is dwindling over time, especially given the aggressive monetization of this whole mechanic.

Synthtrand isn’t based on kills it’s based on time [Reddit]

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