The demolition derby seems like a fine reason to revisit The Crew 2

Buckle up

The Crew 2 has long since fallen off my regular rotation of games, and while I don’t know if demolition derby antics are the answer, that’s at least a start. While players continue waiting for the promised PvP update that should arrive sometime next month, here’s a destructive teaser trailer for a new update.

To be clear, I think it’s a fun idea for an outlandish racing game like The Crew 2. We’ll just need to see how exactly the mode works. Other than saying the update is “coming soon,” Ubisoft’s been mum.

As for The Crew 2 in general, I still like the idea of playing more, but the updates have been too sporadic or limited for me to muster up the motivation to revisit the game. I’m mostly waiting for PvP.

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