The Dead Space remake just got a small update that fixes some bugs

Updates 1.03 and 1.04

I haven’t really been having much trouble with Dead Space on PS5 (outside of a few times I had to reload checkpoints); but folks have reported issues with stuttering on several platforms, as well as out-there problems like Twitch streaming bugs or various PC graphical anomalies. While the development team is tracking all known issues here, the recent 1.03 patch addresses some problems on PC and PS5 (with Xbox arriving later this week).

EA has been fairly vague with what patch 1.03 fixes exactly, but suffice to say many players have been responding positively to it. This is especially the case on PC, where the option to disable VRS alone has helped the stability of that platform tremendously. Update 1.04 also addresses similar issues.

Full Dead Space 1.03 patch notes

  • Disabling VRS is now possible on PC
  • Addressed PS5 stuttering
  • Addressed the black screen bug
  • General stability and performance fixes

Full Dead Space 1.04 patch notes (Source: Update Crazy)

  • Added performance improvements.
  • Addressed UI issues.
  • Addressed various stuttering and lag issues.
  • Added general stability fixes.
  • Other minor fixes.

Dead Space Reddit community member has also provided a workaround for PC stuttering issues, if you’re still having them:

  • Making sure power profile is set to AMD Performance Mode (it stutters on AMD Balanced)
  • Disabling Exploit Protection in Windows for “Dead Space.exe” (need to add exception)This is very common resolution of stuttering in DX12 games, Horizon Zero Dawn had the same problem.
  • Disable GPU scheduling (I’ve checked that during game GPU load is ~90% while CPU is ~60%, so I guess it’s fine to do scheduling on CPU)
  • Disabling Adobe Creative Cloud

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