The Darkness: New PS3 screenshots

No, your favorite faux metal gods aren’t coming to your preferred next-gen console. For that matter, does anyone really care since Justin Hawkins checked himself into rehab? Note to all fake bands out there: the cocaine is real.

The Top Cow comic book adaptation, The Darkness (PS3, XBOX360) is slated for release some time in March (1up says 03/15, Amazon says 03/30).  And what we do have on hand are more hi-res screens, released today. 

Also recently available is a preview by IGN’s Australian correspondent, Patch, for what he deemed an “orgasmic” gameplay experience.

An effective use of the PS3 engine helps to create this constant chiaroscuro bloodfest, and really, these glorious screens speak for themselves.

The Darkness screenshot

[Thanks for the tip, Godfree]

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