The Dark Souls Solaire amiibo is a GameStop exclusive, sold out immediately, costs more than the average figure

The amiibo experience regresses again

We’ve had quite a few horrible amiibo experiences, but for the most part, the last few years have been smooth sailing. As of yesterday though the Solaire amiibo has slid right in to complicate things again.

Remember when exclusive amiibo deals were basically the only way the figures were released? That era when retailers at the corporate level had no clue how to actually roll out this highly in-demand items, and would often drop a five-minute window pre-order session at 2AM Eastern with no warning? That’s sort of how Solaire is playing out right now.

As a newly minted Dark Souls amiibo, Solaire was highly sought out by some fans, which were rudely awakened when they found out that he was a GameStop exclusive. For amiibo collectors it’s one of the worst places you can get figures at these days, as Best Buy offers Gamers Club Unlocked discounts, Amazon offers prime shipping, and GameStop…forces you to pay shipping and $16 for this particular amiibo, $3 higher than the average MSRP. Oh, and it sold out almost immediately.

I’m getting Wave 4 flashes all over again.

Solaire of Astora [GameStop]

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