The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’s new release date is October 30

I like when Halloween games launch *just before* Halloween

After a recent delay brought on by COVID-19 and Supermassive’s transition to a remote-work pipeline, The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is stepping out of the fog on October 30, 2020. Considering the subject matter (college students stranded in a town haunted by witch trials), the revised release date fits.

I’m sure you know the drill by now – or maybe not; it’s tough to gauge how many Until Dawn fans are even aware of The Dark Pictures, much less sticking with it – but Little Hope is the second tale in Supermassive’s new choice-driven world of horror following 2019’s ghost ship story Man of Medan.

Like before, they’re smartly pushing the better-with-friends angle. Little Hope has a solo mode, a two-person “online shared story” mode, and a two- to five-player “offline movie night” mode. I appreciate those options and the fact that this will be playable on not just PS4, but PC and Xbox One too.

If my playthrough looks anything like this footage, I messed up. Let’s keep everyone alive (this time).

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