The Daily Mail loves Braid: British tabloid in game-liking SHOCKER!

The Daily Mail would make a fine toilet paper, if it wasn’t more poisonous than the sh*t you’re be wiping off your spicering, and among its many low points is its hatred of videogames. With such obnoxious headlines as “BAN THIS SICK FILTH,” The Fail is quick to point out that videogames are responsible for social decline, so it’s always surprising to see it show some appreciation for interactive entertainment — in this case, Jonathan Blow’s critically acclaimed Braid.

Branding it a “landmark in gaming” and relating hope that the release will “pave the way for more DIY games that aren’t sold on looks alone,” The Fail praised Braid as a title that flaunted its indie roots on a digital gaming market that was sorely lacking in hit independent games. 

Among the high points, Braid‘s “intriguing” gameplay and “beautiful” artwork were mentioned, calling the whole thing “insanely clever.”

Regardless of the fact that it’s coming from Britain’s unfunniest comic book, I can’t help but be glad to see Braid hitting it big with mainstream media outlets as well as the gaming press. Braid has garnered some outside attention in both the US and UK now, and is proving itself as a real ambassador for the “games as art” crowd. More power to it, as well — this is the sort of thing that should be reaching mainstream consumers, not the watered down and embarrassing tripe currently being marketed as “casual” gaming.

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