The Daily Hotness: Zombie Space Marine

That’s an actual Warhammer 40K figure. He comes from a set called Plague of Zombies. Now that needs to be made into a videogame. Like, right now.

Today saw Jim open up the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine collector’s edition, learned what Dead Island is really like, got a wishlist for Starcraft Universe, caught one of The Baconing’s producers on Mash Tactics, and heard some guy with hair and a redhead talk about stuff on a new episode of The DTOID Show.

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DreamWorks Super Star Kartz is a real game
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Rocksteady talks New Game Plus in Batman: Arkham City
Hard Reset demo prepped for download on PC
New Lumines and other games confirmed for PS Vita
Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Stick brings 90s arcades home
Sonic Generations’ awesome European collector’s edition
Robot fighting flick Reel Steel getting XBLA, PSN game
Nintendo’s always innovating
Here are your RAGE PC system requirements
ESRB basically confirms Devil May Cry HD collection
Deep Silver offering ‘make up’ plan for Dead Island PC
Rusty Hearts open beta release date announced
New DLC coming to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Japan getting MW3 and Uncharted 3-themed DualShock 3s

Nerdcore rapper Random drops a fresh Forever Famicom EP

More game than throne in A Game of Thrones – Genesis pics
Super Hero Squad Online gets expansion and new trailer
Mega64: Rise of Nightmares is all you ever need
Orion: Prelude now lets you play AS a dinosaur
FOX News accuses games of promoting ‘liberal agenda’
Slavery: The Game was a viral for a Dutch documentary
Have some free screens for upcoming free Red Dead DLC
More screens for Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends
Trials dev’s MotoHeroz hits WiiWare next week
Dead Island’s character animation is terrifying
UFC cover voting week 3: Frankie Edgar
Super Hero Squad Online gets expansion and new trailer

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