The Daily Hotness: X-Men: First Class

The trailer looks awesome, but hard to say if this will actually be any good based on the past movies. Fingers crossed! Via Flixist.

We talked to Tecmo Koei on Dynasty Warriors, the Jimquisition talks about pirates, we have a $1,700 mega prizepack to give out, Samit checked out SOCOM 4, the Bad Dudes and OC ReMix have a new amazing album and more happened on 2/10/11.

Destructoid Originals:
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DW7 producer: 3D gaming will lose its ‘buzz’
Omega Force: Dynasty Warriors can’t change too much
The Jimquisition: Pirates, admit you’re f*cking thieves
Destructoid stickers back in stock!
Zipper calls SOCOM 4 ‘the real first SOCOM on the PS3’
Live Show: Chill Bros play Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Zipper talks SOCOM 4: Lessons learned from MAG
David Braben wants a Metacritic for game reviewers
DW7 a ‘faithful and engrossing tour of ancient China’
Live Show: Backlog continues Zone of the Enders 2

I am the Charley Bucket of gaming (SC plays DiRT 3)
 Community blogs of 2/10

Win a PSP, Tactics Ogre: LUCT and Final Fantasy: WotL!
Contest: This prize pack is worth $1,700!

Preview: SOCOM 4 in 3D with the Move Sharp Shooter

Is that Mango Sentinel in my Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
Fake Lugaru taken down, Wolfire offering a nice treat
Runic Games now looking at July for Torchlight II
March 1 is officially PixelJunk Shooter 2 day
Not a joke: Cave Story being remade for 3DS
World of Goo selling well on iPad, on sale now
Dragon Quest fans, meet game creator Yuji Hori
Activision: Guitar Hero cost too much to be profitable
3DS: Never thought I’d call a baseball game f’n awesome
New Club Nintendo Rewards: DS pouches, Game & Watch: Ball
‘Like’ Diablo III on Facebook for new art and screenshots
Take-Two got the most positive game reviews of 2010
‘Games cause rape’ psychologist’s book gets raped
Clint Mansell is scoring Mass Effect 3
That’s Mad, Cat: Mad Catz’ net sales up 91 percent
Sony fails to subpoena Google, PayPal over PS3 hacking
Namco Valentine’s Day-themed iOS game sale
There will be no more Guitar Hero DLC
Free App of the Day: Save Toshi
Jerk hijacks Xbox Live account, threatens school shooting
The Blocks Cometh teams up with League of Evil

The Bad Dudes take on OC ReMix in epic musical clash

Fatshark briefly talks jumping in Bionic Commando Rearmed
Retro Game Challenge 2 may get a fan translation
New Catherine trailer is all serious and creepy
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge gets a cockrocketing new video
Crysis 2 multiplayer will make you ‘respect the suit’

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