The Daily Hotness: Will you buy the DSi?

The DSi is hitting the U.S. on April 5, just two days after my birthday! Like Colette though, I have no desire to pick one up. I love the DS Lite and all of the extra features of the DSi just don’t appeal to me. How about you? Planning on getting one?

Jonthan talked to the creators of Meat Boy, go vote for the official Podtoid graphic in the Forums, Dead Space Extraction looks promising, the console wars are over, and plenty more happened on 02/18/09.

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Retro Game Challenge

We guess it’s news: Microsoft sets date, time for E3 press conference
Video Games Live plays Taiwan International Music Festival

That sound is us squealing: Rhythm Heaven dated for April 5
Nintendo DSi hits North America on April 5, $169.99
Super Smash Bros Brawl creator hard at work on a new title
Namco Bandai brings Mr Driller to Japanese Wiis
Castlevania arcade game hits Japan, looks perfect for the Wii
MadWorld producer says a sequel could be in our future
Inafune spills some Dead Rising 2 beans: Clock-mechanic is back
Rock Band is the new karaoke: Harrah’s casino’s to get game stages
GameStop taking DSi preorders as of tomorrow
Is streaming-only pricing on Netflix’s horizon?
Killzone 2 ‘mobile training centers’ touring the UK
ESRB rates Punch Out!! for Wii, description sounds like … Punch Out!!
Yes, it’s true: Ubisoft, Midway holding hands to publish Wheelman
PC version of Braid gets price drop before it’s even released, now $14.99
Infinity Ward inviting suggestions for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Flower: Separating the Men from the Boys
Atlus continues to win my affections with Hammerin’ Hero preorder bonuses

Mega64 Agents are GO!
Shirt mocks Diablo purists with rainbow crapping unicorn
Console Wars declared dead in the cutest way possible

MadWorld has mad preorder swag if you live in the UK
Pokemon Platinum preorder will net you a Giratina figure
Metal Gear Online getting a new expansion, Vamp and Raiden will be playable
D3 announces rumor that ‘classic’ Matt Hazard game is coming to XBLA, PSN
Dysentery alert: New Oregon trail screens are sick

EA not joking about Dead Space Wii, calls it Dead Space Extraction
Ready 2 Rumble Revolution trailers return, gameplay is involved
A more intimate look at Burnout Paradise’s Legendary Cars

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