The Daily Hotness: Who won E3 ? (07/15/08)

Lots and lots of content went up today boys and girls. In fact, I actually completely missed a few of these articles, as the front page was moving at light speed! 

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft’s keynotes have come and gone and we want to know which one you thought was the best. We have a poll going on right now and we want to hear who you think won E3 2008

Betrayal! Aaron Greenberg attends Nintendo graduation event
Mr. Destructoid gets an upgrade! Life-sized grappling arm replica spotted
Cast your vote: Who won E3 2008?
Scraps: Everything I want to write has already been taken today (7/15/08)

E3 Liveblogs:
Liveblogging the Nintendo press conference
Live blog from the Sony press conference
Liveblogging the Capcom press conference
Not liveblogging the Ubisoft press conference
Live blogging the Activision ‘not-E3’ press conference

E3 Hands-on & impression previews:
Bionic Commando hands-on
Project Origin hands-on
Velvet Assassin hands-on
Legendary hands-on
Goblins still peeing, making cheese in Firefly Studios’ Dungeon Hero
Resident Evil 5 hands-on impressions

E3 News:
MGS4 on Xbox 360? Ask Konami, suggests Microsoft
Final Fantasy XIII Versus still ‘PS3 exclusive’
Logitech making a wireless keyboard for Wii, racing wheel for PS3
PSN to get movie and TV downloads tonight
Tomb Raider: Underworld coming out this November
Ratchet and Clank PSP bundle this fall
Konami finally remembers to announce its game lineup
New 80GB PlayStation 3 model coming out this September
Sony announces Playstation 2 LEGO Batman bundle
Bungie’s new game announcement put on hold

E3 Trailers & Videos:
Imperial Japan is ready for action and to build the co-prosperity sphere!
Sega Blowout: Sonic Unleashed
New Dead Space trailer will make you hate the ‘Twinkle Little Star’ song
Shaun White Snowboarding demonstrated, happy drugs
Nintendo announces Animal Crossing:City Folk including WiiSpeak
Nintendo Announces WiiMusic
Resident Evil 5 interview gives details on the new co-op
New Prince of Persia trailer is simply beautiful
More Wii MotionPlus info, but why doesn’t the Wiimote already do this?
God of War III announced plus teaser trailer
New BioShock PS3 trailer hints at new content – carnivals and rockets
Flower looks and possibly tastes beautiful
Double your pleasure with two inFamous trailers
Don’t like the new 360 dashboard? This video might change your mind
Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
Buzz! screens, trailer, and details
New screenshots and trailer for Killzone 2
New Ghostbusters trailer and screenshots!
Red Faction: Guerrilla takes destructible environments to the next level

E3 Galleries:
Dead Space, Spore and more in our EA E3 screenshot collection
Sega Blowout: Samba de Amigo
Sega Blowout: Empire: Total War
Sega Blowout: Madworld
Sega Blowout: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Sega Blowout: Dinosaur King
Sega Blowout: Valkyria Chronicles
Nintendo introduces Wii Sports Resort
Sega Blowout: Alpha Protocol
Sega Blowout: Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Sega Blowout: Yakuza 2
Details emerge on first wave of XNA Community Games
Resistance: Retribution details
Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty is real and surprising
Patapon 2 screens and details
LocoRoco 2 screens
NBA 09: The Inside details and screens

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Original Features:
Destructoid Discusses! Is the Wii a novelty item?

Overlord: Raising Hell contest winners announced! (Everyone that entered won!)

NCAA 09 Shipping with a tragic glitch
New PSP firmware has potential for Power Rangers download?

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