The Daily Hotness: Wheelchair of doom

A Dead Rising movie, you say? And it looks like every other Japanese gore horror movie ever made? Sign me up!

Jim brought us some Metro 2033 news, we reviewed Mass Effect 2, I checked out Spec Ops: The Line, Holmes brought us more Tatsunoko Vs Capcom event coverage, Dead Rising 2 will be out by the end of the year and more happened on 01/26/10.

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Mass Effect 2

Spec Ops: The Line, ‘The most provocative shooter ever’
Trauma Team’s forensics play is like Phoenix Wright

Monster Hunter Frontier coming to Xbox 360
Teen stabs father in neck over FIFA argument
Spike Video Game Awards’ viewership continues to drop
Lost Planet 2 will include Gears of War characters
Dead Rising 2 scheduled to launch this year
Supreme Commander devs thinking of expanding the series
Microsoft faces lawsuit over Microsoft Points currency
Zipper would love to see someone try and put MAG on 360
Finish him again! Mortal Kombat film reboot in the works
Ninety-Nine Nights developer making Xbox 360 MMO
SMT: Strange Journey’s free preorder poster
MAG gets a launch-day patch
The Organic Indie Preorder Pack postmortem is a mouthful
Delay: Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone
Halo Wars, Dead Rising hit Games on Demand
All Ubisoft PC games will require an Internet connection
World at War: Zombies App gets a lite version
Canabalt soundtrack available, pay what you want (sorta)
Doctor implicates videogames in nine-year-old’s suicide
Get five dollars off Portal: Still Alive this week only
Dante’s Inferno ‘Dark Forest’ DLC also coming to 360
MumboJumbo sues PopCap for $4.6 million
You decide what makes it in the next Forza 3 DLC pack
Capcom dates Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2
Puzzle game Squishy Tank coming in March to DS
Steam offering Psychonauts on the extreme cheap
Your classic XBLA games won’t work with Game Room

Hailrazer’s Kamikaze 64 is one sleek-looking device
New Orleans Saints’ Tracy Porter has Pac-Man on the brain

MLB 10 The Show classic stadiums are pre-order bonus DLC
New Dragon Quest VI ad has an old school style
Troma + Capcom = Death Disease Contamination Dead Rising
Watch Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet 2
Gawp stupidly at the Super Street Fighter IV box art
Dementium II delayed to April
Take a look at Dead Rising 2’s new weapon creation system
Pick the Red Dead Redemption GameStop pre-order bonus
Look at all of these Halo: Reach screens!
Red Steel 2 arrives this March in the US and Europe

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