The Daily Hotness: Wedgecon

Wedgecon has come and gone. If you were there, then you know what was up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. Check out the recap for the Memorial Day weekend instead.

Tony brought us another Off-brand game, Holmes brought us the second episode of Sundays with Sagat, Jim reviewed ModNation Racers and more happened over this holiday weekend.

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Art Style: light trax
ModNation Racers

Win two passes to E3 courtesy of Nyko
Name an attack in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
Win Pillowfight girls for the iPhone!

Treyarch now a 100 percent Call of Duty company
Here come some Mega Man art books
Rumored rumor buster: Beyond Good and Evil 2 not dead
Limbo not coming to PS3 or PC after all
Call of Duty: Blacks Ops primed to sell 10 million
inFamous 2 gets teased with a pair of eyes
No More Heroes 2 store opens up for a limited time
Kane and Lynch movie director has left film
EA to announce its first Wii hockey game, NHL Slapshot
Killer deal on gaming mag subscriptions at
Free App of the Day: Monster Crush
Joe Danger coming to PlayStation Network on June 8
Nintendo DLC: X-Scape, Wild Guns, and more
Pachter thinks Ubisoft’s DRM is just lovely
Rumor: ‘Alpha Protocol should have been scrapped’
Wii for $150 at Best Buy’s website
Virtual Console to get Fighters History Dynamite
Xbox Deal of the Week is cuh-ray-zee for movies
Is ‘Kingdoms’ Crytek’s MMO or something else entirely?

Evan the teen werewolf hates Josh and his 360
Must… not… like crappy Wii… peripheral… AWESOME!
Jam out to this drumming medley of Final Fantasy songs
Dreamcast gets modded into a boombox
Gaming’s musical history via Mario Paint

New Xenoblade videos, now with more God-on-God violence
LEGO Prince of Persia short tells the tale of the Prince
Nintendo and Treasure on creating Sin and Punishment 2
Please don’t make me want Ninety-Nine Nights 2
Legend of the Guardians is all owls rocking it
In case you didn’t know, Insomniac Games folks are rad

Hamza Aziz