The Daily Hotness: Watch Mr. Destructoid make obscene hand gestures! (07/21/08)

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That Mr. Destructoid sure is a pervert.

Nick gushes over Rock Band 2, The Who perform at the Rock Band party, Jonathan Holmes has an interview with Bionic Commando, Sega announces Sonic and the Black Knight, Left 4 Dead has an awesome box art, and plenty more happened on Monday.

Monday Regulars:
Virtual releases for the week of July 21st: shooters galore edition
1942: Joint Strike and Go! Go! Break Steady on XBLA this Wednesday
New releases for the week of 07/21/08
Monday Mind Teasers 07/21/08
Scraps: Wait, was E3 last week or something? (7/21/08)

E3 Hands-on previews:
Hands-on with Traveler’s Tales’ LEGO Batman
Crushing rocks, melting gold on the go with Super Stardust Portable
Korg DS-10 hands-on

Major Minor’s Majestic March hands-on
Hands-on with levelHead
Hands-on with the totally new, totally metal Rock Band 2 peripherals
Retro Game Challenge hands-on
Rock Band 2 is like that game called Rock Band, there’s just more of it
Valkyria Chronicles hands-on

E3 originals:
Video Interview with Bionic Commando’s Simon Viklund
The Who performs at the Rock Band Party

Destructoid Review:
Overlord: Raising Hell

Over Nine Thousand contest is over, link us to your entries

The Week in Rock Band DLC: Nine Inch Nails, Shinedown
A digital Jimi Hendrix rises from the grave for Guitar Hero World Tour
Tretton on PS2 backwards compatibility in PS3: Buy both consoles, ‘stack them’
Sega announces Sonic and the Black Knight
Jade Empire is out now on the Xbox Marketplace
Nintendo owns European sales charts
Get paid for creating LittleBigPlanet content
Sony will watch you with GPS PSP games
Don’t like in-game ads? Mercenaries 2 lets you blow that sh*t up
Sex game utilizes the Wii remote
Molyneux thinking MMO
Armless UK Mayor motion captured for videogame
Porn and Halo 3 file sharing

Dead Rising sequel to be ‘episodic’
Bungie had an awesome trailer for E3

Left 4 Dead finalized box art is just box art, but still gets us excited
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop coming to the Wii this Winter

Quake Live trailer shows off some Quake-like action
Rhythm Heaven commercials are delightfully queer

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