The Daily Hotness: Warm Up Man

Jim kindly requested that I promote this on the site, and I’ve learned over the years to do what he says more or less without question. It’s for the best that way. Enjoy these comedians.

It’s over! Thank goodness this wretched day is over. Samit told us about the see-it-to-believe-it El Shaddai, Duke Nukem introduced fledgling teens to the NSFW (but still safe-for-life) side of the Internet, unlimited dragons are said to be found in Skyrim, and more happened on 5/18/11.

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Preview: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Take-Two shares soar with release of L.A. Noire
Amazon Gold Box deals on Crysis 2, Dead Space and more
Xbox 360 Firmware issue prompts console replacement plan
News station: Portal 2 is offensive to orphans
Sony’s PSN password reset system has exploit (update)
Duke Nukem web game makes women get naked
Batman: Arkham City offers 40 hours of content
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to feature unlimited dragons
Resistance 3’s box art is damn classy
Ronimo Games assembles Awesomenauts for PSN and XBLA
Gears of War 3 secures one million pre-orders worldwide
Light SoulCalibur V details spring out
Valve: No games to show at E3
Personality Sphere toys from Portal 2 are a delight
Activision comments on the Modern Warfare 3 leak
Help name hundreds of characters in Dragon’s Dogma
BlazBlue developer isn’t fond of touch-screen attacks
L.A. Noire causing PS3s with latest Firmware to overheat?

The history of Duke Nukem goes into 3D
Fleshy new Serious Sam 3: BFE screenshots

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