The Daily Hotness: This happened

Really, it did.

Ghostbusters is getting a timed exclusive deal on the PS3 in Europe, 3D Realms may be dead, NCSoft gets sued for $24 million, the first footage of Red Dead Redemption was revealed and plenty more happened on 05/06/09.

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E3 returns with a slew of charity events in tow
Here’s what Capcom is showing at E3

BioShock 3? Rapture ‘fertile’ enough for many more games
Tabula Rasa creator sues NCSoft for $24 million
Ghostbusters becomes PS3 exclusive [Update]
Neo Steam launches today with new promo and more
Final Fantasy XIII demo gives PS3 a 288 percent sales jump
Ghostbusters exclusivity clarified, Europeans get screwed
Obscure: The Aftermath coming to PSP, you really do care
EA: PC is becoming the largest gaming platform in the world
Free stuff coming to Metal Gear Online this month
More layoffs at Microsoft, in-game ad division affected
PS3 gets free music video streaming service
Dragon Age: Origins won’t ship with SecuROM
Design a Raskull and get it into the game
Counter-Strike argument leads to murder of teen
Brutal Legend pre-order exclusive: In-game guitar
Execs wanted Brutal Legend to be hip-hop or country flavored
Namco trademarks God Eater, not to be confused with magic
Penny Arcade scholarship open for 2009-2010
Update on “Broken Steel” DLC: It’s still being worked on
Final Fantasy XIII not a JRPG, despite being a JRPG
Texan sex offenders may need to register online game handles
Rumortoid: 3D Realms and Apogee have shut down [Update]

Hey Persona 4 fans, a Rise figure is coming

Gears 2 ‘All Fronts Collection’ announced, tons of content
New Wheelman DLC screens and details
Sir, yes sir! New Drill Sergeant Mindstrong screens
Pre-order Prototype, get exclusive stuff
Even more screens of The BIGS 2
Support America, buy HAWX’s ‘U.S. Eagles’ DLC


New Terminator Salvation trailer plus a Bale gallery too!
New Rabbids Go Home trailer shows off some Wii love
Rolando 2 trailer looks a little bit wonderful
Saddle up, cowboy: Red Dead Redemption trailer is here

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