The Daily Hotness: This cat likes boxes

This cat loves boxes. I love that I can post anything in the Hotness.

We talked to the creator of Tetris, Nick got some Bulletstorm orange juice, we promoted a community blog again, Nick touched a fake tiger for reviewing, we checked out the new Enslaved DLC, Holmes likes the new de Blob 2, Viacom is selling Harmonix and more happened on 11/11/10.

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Yeah, so… here’s some Bulletstorm orange juice
Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360
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C Blogs of 11/11/10
Top 12 Videogame porno parodies (NSFW)

Contest: Win the SteelSeries Spectrum 4XB headset

Review: GoldenEye 007 (Wii)
Review: Kinectimals

Preview: Enslaved’s ‘Pigsy’s Perfect 10’ add-on
Hands-on interview with bio-shmup MicroBot
Hands-on: Wildlife: Forest Survival
Hands-on with Dead Space 2’s Puker
Hands-on: Darkspore PvP
Hands-on and interview with Darkspore
Preview: de Blob 2

Viacom selling Harmonix
EA announces two new downloadable titles
Venetica comes to the UK
All Points Bulletin is…sold?
Buy Superstars V8 Racing… win Gran Turismo 5!?
New record: Call of Duty: Black Ops hits $360m in a day
HMX: Viacom sale won’t affect Dance Central, Rock Band
Microsoft says all gamers are looking at Xbox this week
LittleBigPlanet prehistoric spin-off in the works?
Cuba gets upset over Black Ops Castro mission
’90s PC gamers, take a look at ORION: Prelude
Rare made a Kinect Sports Facebook app?
Team Meat hints at Super Meat Boy PC characters
Deals: Walmart’s Black November has free shipping
Retailers threaten to stop selling Steam-supporting games
Miyamoto is embarrassed of Super Mario Bros. 3
Stargate Worlds goes from Kel’no’reem to Kree’ta
New virtual property sales record: $335,000
Monday Night Combat merch now available online
InstantAction is closing, Torque in the clear for now

New Super Mario Bros 3 fan game is insane, available

The Fancy Pants Adventure coming to XBLA/PSN in 2011
Ubisoft teasing Assassin’s Creed: Ascendance
New LA Noire trailer is live
Love Zombie: The feel-good zombie game of 2011
Hey look, it’s a Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 boss fight
New EVE Online trailer essentially sanctions jerk moves
Adam Sandler is still doing that PIXELS movie
Become cephalopod of the year in Octodad

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