The Daily Hotness: Theatrhythm

A pretty damn great cover of a great theme song. Kudos, Square Enix.

Jim Sterling is a playable character in The Blocks Cometh, we tried to find out why EA Origin game prices are so much, Conrad reviewed Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Windows 8 OS might let you play Xbox 360 games, NBC thinks you’re all stupid and more happened on 7/12/11.

Destructoid Original:
Live Show: More Heavy Rain on Backlog now!
Jim Sterling a playable character in The Blocks Cometh
Podtoid 108 records today, son!
Meat Boy dev has mixed feelings about iOS knock-offs
A little something about EA Origin’s prices
My dad works at Nintendo …
Live show: Mash Tactics play Shadows of the Damned

Freedom: A closer look at Enslaved

Win Steel Series kit from Runes of Magic and Mash Tactics

Review: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Playing Konami’s MLB Bobblehead Pros at Dodgers Stadium
Jimpressions: Catherine demo

You can play the Minecraft ‘Adventure Update’ at PAX
Saints Row 3 Google ad tells you for ‘forget Uncharted 3’ redirects to Battlefield 3 site
New Xbox Music service with voice search coming in Fall
NPD estimates $5.9 billion dropped on video games in Q1
NBC: If you’re an adult and play games, you’re ‘weird’
Valve reveals ‘Meet The Medic’ outtakes
Burnout Crash launches next month (jump to explode, etc.)
Rumor: Windows 8 OS might play Xbox 360 games
Irrational has ‘no plans’ for Wii U
Electronic Arts to acquire PopCap games
Zombies ate my weekly Xbox Live deals
The Binding of Isaac: The new game from half of Team Meat
Global StarCraft II League to be held at BlizzCon 2011
Dawn of War III to emphasize army customization
Free App of the Day: Cubes Free (Android)

Ashley Davis cutes up the Mega Man Tribute book
Loling: Misheard lyrics for Persona 4 theme song
Furious PC gamer hijacks
Lazy bastards would like Ben Heck’s Xbox 360 disc changer
I really want this little tiny Space Invaders machine
Another awesome Half-Life 2 fan film
Megamalgamation: 375 iconic Mega Men

Gameboy Zelda precursor about frogs gets fan translation
Theatrhythm theme song: Now available for fewer clicks
Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues trailer, for SCIENCE!
New ‘Conspiracies’ trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dino murder mode coming to Project Blackout
Tim Schafer’s game pitch to Cookie Monster
New screens of Red Orchestra 2 and ‘Rising Storm’ mod

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