The Daily Hotness: The Mud Man

We all just need to take a moment out of our day to listen to Muddy Buddies. It’s the best movie idea ever. I’m sure you’ve already heard it, but just listen to it again. You’ll thank me later.

Today we’re still wrapping up our E3 coverage. There’s a ton of stuff. We played games, touched things, and talked to important people. We’ve also got our game of the show, and our community choice awards.

Destructoid Original:
Friday Night Fights: Xbro Badasses Skirmish Extravaganza
This weekend on Dtoid TV: Wrapping up E3
The Network Roundup: Sci-fi me

Destructoid Community Choice Award for E3 2012!
Community Blogs of 6/9
Forum Thread of the day: Dark Souls
Destructoid’s E3 2012 Game of the Show: The Last of Us
E3: Our first look at Turtle Beach’s Black Ops 2 line-up
E3: Injustice: Gods Among Us brings out your inner child
E3: Turtle Beach’s SEVEN series, official headset of MLG
E3: Magicka + Diablo + Disneyland = Dungeonland
E3: Sitting down with Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
E3: Body slamming men in tights from space in Injustice
E3: 15 minutes to run through all of E3
E3: Angry Birds coming to consoles courtesy of Activision
E3: Get your monster huntin’ on with MMORPG Raiderz
E3: North America to get Tokyo Jungle as well
E3: Hands-on with Project P-100
E3: Interview: Yasuhiro Wada on ‘Project Happiness’
E3: Need for Speed: Most Wanted sure feels like Burnout
E3: Hands-on with Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
E3: Daedalic and the return of the classic adventure game
E3: Skyrim’s Dawnguard expansion goes gothic on my ass
E3: When Vikings Attack is good for drunken party play 
E3: End of Nations combines the old in new ways
E3: Hands-on with ZombiU
E3: Hands-on with Rayman Legends
E3: Guardians of Middle-earth won this non-LOTR fan over
E3: The Showdown Effect is big, dumb nostalgic ’80s fun
E3: Getting my grubby mitts on FUS1ON tourney controller
E3: Hands-on with Halo 4’s Spartan Ops missions
E3: Final Fantasy Dimensions is old-school Final Fantasy 
E3: All of our previews and hands-on coverage so far

Red Orchestra 2 cuts price in half and adds friend pass 
Capcom announces Resident Evil 6 Anthology, RE6 Archives
Sony: ‘Magic’ of small games, indies important to Vita
David Jaffe’s new studio is doing a free-to-play shooter
Weekend PC download deals: Paradox, Anuman, and Swedes
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm will shake things up

Epic Games debuts Unreal Engine 4


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