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I was excited for The Last Airbender, but all the reviews and such are coming back really negative. io9 destroyed the film in their review. Anyone see it yet? Really sad to hear M. Night blew it. Again.

The new Musing topic is up, Nick reviewed Puzzle Quest 2, win an iPad, Heavy Rain DLC is probably done with, today was such a slow news day that I had to write about the soundtrack for two games and more happened on 07/01/10.

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Community blogs of 07/01/10
Forum of the day: Good PS3 Multiplayer Experiences

Puzzle Quest 2
Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Win a Sniper: Ghost Warrior themed iPad & games!

Play along with the Chrono Trigger fanfest
QuakeCon 2010 registration detailed


DO WANT this Okamiden plush Chibiterasu
Nintendo Love Tester back on the market after 41 years
More Medal of Honor beta invites for PC and PS3 are out
Telltale’s Puzzle Agent is now available
New Pokémon Anime: Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes!
ESRB is hiring a ratings summary manager
War for Cybertron has double XP this weekend
Dragon Quest IX: Crazy event in Rockefeller Plaza
Roger Ebert admits he should’ve shut up about games & art
GameStop outs first potential Rock Band 3 DLC
Sony wants Nintendo to stop mocking 3D glasses
Frontier: Milo tech not used in Kinectimals
Silent Hill vocalist working with Suda, Mikami, Yamaoka
Arc Rise Fantasia + bento box = very tenuous gaming link
PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday sale: Lots of games for cheap
Survey: 64% of gamers prefer physical media
ION releasing new ‘Drum Rocker Pro’ this holiday
Heavy Rain DLC will probably never see the light of day
343 Industries bringing on more talent for new Halo game
Mario creator Miyamoto teases a new game character
Get the Kane & Lynch 2 demo today, possibly
SNAP! Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets some fresh beats
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC rises from the grave
NHL 2K11 going on tour through Canada & US before launch
Crackdown 2’s licensed tracks, remixes revealed
Slipknot, Rise Against & more bringing tunes to nail’d
Act surprised: Project Offset isn’t going to happen

Mega Man plus spikes equals humor
Things that rule: The new line of Meat Bun shirts


Cliff Bleszinski demos Bulletstorm
Club Nintendo ‘Elite’ reward is totally rad
Single-player BioShock 2 DLC ‘Protector Trials’ revealed
First trailer of Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou rocks
Play as Wayne Gretzky in EA’s NHL Slapshot
Slide around with Portal 2’s final E3 demo videos

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