The Daily Hotness: Thai Guy rocked me all day long (08/03/08)

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I’ve been doing nothing but playing catch up all day today since I was gone for an entire week for PAX. I went over 352 C Blogs and have only scratched the surface with all the front page posts. Thank The Robot for these recaps. Lucky for me, Dale North’s brought up the awesome Thai Guy tribute album that has kept me sane as I went through all of the stuff I’ve missed. It’s ten remixes of the same damn song and each one is made of win. Plus it’s all free! 

A Castle Crashers fix is coming, GTA helps save a family, new Halo 3 achievements are possibly coming, the Xbox 360 gets a price drop, and plenty more happened on Wednesday. 

PAX 08:
New Guitar Hero World Tour videos, hands-on impressions from PAX
Damnation hands-on

TGS 08:
Sexy 2D Wii sidescroller shall be on show at TGS
Who’s got the most to show at Tokyo?

Scraps: There is not an echo in here (9/3/2008)
Scraps: Night-time, sniffling, sneezing, coughing (9/2/2008) 

Final Fantasy XIII Agito will take A THOUSAND YEARS to release [confirmed]
Call of Duty 4 heading for another Double XP weekend
Tales of Hearts: New screens and release date plus creepy CG renders
Darn it all to Mech: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 screens
Capcom wubves the PS3, is quite fond of Resident Evil
Pandora handheld gaming beast should be out by Christmas
Spore expected to sell two million units
Wayne Kramer, Motorhead, and The Sex Pistols re-record tunes for new Guitar Hero
Fallout 3 DLC will be ‘several hours,’ insert horse armor joke here
Lumines Super Nova coming to PlayStation Network, eyes bloodshot at the thought
Utterly pathetic: Thai government bans five videogames
Geeks cheer, then jeer: Buffy MMO confirmed, Firefly MMO delayed
Castle Crashers storms XBLA, brings Alien Hominid with it
Nariko gets the SackGirl treatment
80’s splatter movies inspired Gears of War’s blood n’ guts
Team Ninja has three new titles in the works: Studio isn’t dead yet
Square-Enix talks the future of Final Fantasy (hint: it may go on forever)
Bethesda ignored Fallout nutjobs when making Fallout 3
Homemade cartridge-based handheld is called Bacteria
Bad Dudes: Thai Guy – EP of Sagat’s song remixed
Time for your next medal: Console Wars Veteran II
Last chance to sign up for the Good Old Games early access beta
Grand Theft Auto helps young girl save family
PSP 3000’s battery life is NOT reduced now?
What does Tiger Woods do when he’s injured? Why, play his own game, of course
Xbox 360 US price drop confirmed: Now it’ll TOTALLY beat the Wii!
Xbox 360 version of Age of Conan still ‘set to happen’
Attention, quivering fans: Diablo III Overture is free on iTunes!
Koei has no plans for a Bladestorm followup
Nab a Mercenaries 2 achievement by playing with Pandemic starting this Friday
ESA lobbies Congress to help import some talent
Castle Crashers update is coming, The Behemoth said so!

Will Kingdom Hearts III be announced at Tokyo Game Show?
New Halo 3 Achievements based on map packs?

Prinny-themed action game coming to the PSP? I am so there, ‘dood’
Nun with chainsaw confirmed: Is this first new TimeSplitters artwork?
SCEA reveals PS3 headset for North America, firmware update to go with it

Global Conflicts: Latin America suggests that games are serious business
DeathSpank trailers confirm that yes, Monkey Island meets Diablo is a good idea
Hey, do you remember White Knight Story?
New Fragile trailer is beautiful

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