The Daily Hotness: Sucker Punch

So Sucker Punch looks pretty cool. Never heard of it before but hey, women killing things. Neat!

Destructoid takes on Frontierville again, Samit checked out FIFA 11, A new WWE game is on the way from THQ, Boba Fett is in Force Unleashed 2 and more happened on 07/27/10.

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Destructoid vs. Frontierville: Talking sh*t


Community blogs of 07/27/10

Arc Rise Fantasia

Be a soccer lifer in FIFA 11

TY the Tasmanian Tiger reemerging on Facebook
PlayStation-branded junk is in our future
Sony to report Q1 profit for PlayStation division
Insomniac will be present at Pax Prime 2010
Capcom plans to increase release rate for Resident Evil
Rumor: A second, cheaper PlayStation Move PS3 bundle
It’s ‘impossible’ to get Flip’s Twisted World noticed
THQ working on yet another WWE-based franchise
Activision Blizzard charging more for Starcraft 2 in UK
Game retailer GameStop acquires Kongregate
Blizzard uses Real ID sh*tstorm to make itself look good
PS Move only supports Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Hacking iPhones, games legal in US under DMCA revisions
Free App of the Day: Gas Knight
Rockstar art books canceled
Rare fan community closes due to Rare’s own bullshit
Games on Demand: Smackdown ’08 and ’09, LOTR: Conquest
Free Realms: Lifetime membership for $30
Nintendo trademarks CrossPass for 3DS, q’est que c’est?
You should go download Alan Wake’s ‘The Signal’ add-on
Earthworm Jim HD makes erectile tissue engorge with blood
Dev reckons DJ Hero increased sales of real DJ equipment
Michael Jackson’s leeches force Plants vs. Zombies update

Hothead Games shows how they engineer funny into games
Spring Up Harmony strikes a familiar chord
Boba Fett is back in this Force Unleashed 2 trailer
Rock legends/dinosaurs re-record tracks for Guitar Hero
Sega Genesis on your iPhone: Space Harrier II, Ecco

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