The Daily Hotness: Smashed

I am smashed beyond hell right now. You’d know that if you followed me on Twitter. Look at me writing on Destructoid! Yay!


Destructoid Originals:
Games of the Week for 9/26/2010: Late(ly) edition
BRAINS! Dtoid at the Dead Rising 2 zombie pub-crawl
Interview: Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades on Enslaved
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’: Adventure Games, Pt. 1
What’s in the box? Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition
New releases: Dead Rising 2, Hydrophobia and more

F1 2010

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011

Contest: Win Ace Combat: Joint Assault for the PSP!

PAX East 2011 pre-registration now open


Tokyo Game Show final numbers show a record 207k visitors
Bobby Kotick destroys Schafer for calling him a prick
Kinect TV adverts will make you vomit into your hands
Nintendo DLC: Lawn darts!
Ayane & Kasumi’s new costumes in Dead or Alive Dimensions
Confirmed: Wii Remote Plus is something that is a thing
Mighty Flip Champs owners get a bonus in Shantae DSiWare
Oddworld’s Stranger gets a big polygon bump on PS3
Duke Nukem 3D fan-made remake screens impress
Rumor: German newspaper leaks 3DS launch date
A Link to the Past’s soundtrack now available
Tim Schafer has hired Ron Gilbert on at Double Fine
Free App of the Day: Gravitation Defense
Left 4 Dead ‘The Sacrifice’ content coming October 5
More than just noise: In my restless dreams
Sonic Colors special edition revealed
Activision’s Kotick is all for Move, Kineckt, peripherals
Crytek: 3D will become the standard
Naughty Bear makes the move to iPhone, now available
EA thinks Move/Kinect will capture Wii gamers
Target starting to stock PlayStation Plus retail cards
UK Charts: Race cars are better than Halo
Kotick: Electronic Arts has ‘lost its way’
Rumor: PS3 hacked into real service mode
Dead Rising 2 banned in the UAE
Paris art gallery getting Assassin’s Creed exhibit
NBA Elite 11 delayed, standalone NBA Jam HD coming soon
PS3, 360 date for John Daly’s ProStroke Golf confirmed
3rd Birthday: Aya’s costume changes will come with voices
Review: Sonic Adventure (XBLA)
Alan Wake’s ‘The Writer’ add-on dated for next month
The Kane & Lynch movie needs a new director
F1 2010 patch forthcoming, corrupt save issue possibly solved
God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo hits PSN tomorrow
Shocker: Halo: Reach will likely get more Achievements
Lil’ Wayne hitting billboards for Def Jam Rapstar

An alternative use for the PlayStation Move controller

Check out Sonic 4’s Casino Street Zone
Freestyling in DJ Hero 2
Gain giant hands in GoldenEye 007’s multiplayer

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