The Daily Hotness: Show us your Harry Mason pose!

Today, Destructoid paid homage to Harry Mason’s new look in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The majority of the staff gave their take on Harry Mason and the results were pretty hilarious. But that’s not enough! We want to see your pose as well! Take a picture and leave a comment on the original post so we can show Konami just how much we love the new look of Silent Hill!

Destructoid got its own PlayXPert skin, the Walkman is destroying videogames for Sony, Jim checked out X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the DSi does well in the UK, Bungie showed off parts of the new Mythic Map Pack and plenty more happened on 04/07/09.

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Community blogs of 04/07/09

DHammerin’ Hero

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Sony to flood the world with PlayStation trinkets
Namco Bandai’s newest Tales games: Tales of Graces, Versus
RE:5 ‘Versus Mode’ unavailable in Germany, possibly blocked
Final Fantasy needs ten times the success of smaller games
BioWare planning a lot of Dragon Age: Origins DLC
Rumortoid: PSP successor confirmed by mystery source
DSi has ridiculously successful debut in the UK
Forget school: Official Halo Encyclopedia coming this fall
Super Meat Boy news ahoy! 12 indie cameos, first screenshots
Molyneux: A game will have the greatest story ever told
Nintendo partners with DJ Academy for Rhythm Heaven event
Last Two Tickets: meet Nobuo Uematsu and see Distant Worlds
Wolverine’s violence might mislead moviegoers
Selling stolen Fallout 3 copies makes Bethesda angry
Konami’s Iraq game already outraging the tabloids
Wait, WTF is this about a Shadow of the Colossus movie?
Significant WipEout HD update hits tomorrow
Massive Action Game’s official site is not very massive
Two pedals, one Rock Band: new kick pedal ships with adaptor

Could Close Range be the funniest faux FPS ever?

Check out these Fate of Atlantis screens from Staff of Kings
Robocalypse: Beaver Defense coming to WiiWare

ngmoco teases Star Defense, an iPhone tower defense game
Doujin shmups headed our way via Rockin’ Android
Play as Ben Stiller in Majesco’s Battle of the Smithsonian
Batman’s so sneaky in this ‘Predator’ walkthrough video
Wanna hear what Persona PSP sounds like?
Prince Fielder announced as cover athlete for The BIGS 2
Halo 3 ‘Mythic Map Pack’ video is very special

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