The Daily Hotness: Shake it! (09/23/08)

The Wario Land: Shake It! viral ad with YouTube so awesome. When the page started to fall apart, it reminded me of the old Macintosh I had that had a screensaver where a dog would destroy my desktop. Did anyone else have that screensaver?

Nick previews Resistance 2, Ensemble Studios was once working on a Halo MMO, Mega Man 9 sells 60,000, girls prefer games over sleep, and plenty more happened on Tuesday.  

Tuesday Regulars:
The Podcastle records tonight: Shove it up your arse
Podtoid 69: Illustrations of ducks
RetRose Tinted: Mighty Bomb Jack
Game Debate to the Death! Donkey Kong Country VS NBA Jam
Scraps: Holy Denmarkian Bricks! (9/23/2008)
Games time forgot: Blast Corps

Hands on: Insomniac’s Resistance 2

Xbox 360 isn’t ruining Final Fantasy, claims Square Enix
Xbox 360 tops six million in Europe following price cut
Mythic president tells gold sellers in WAR to ‘go to hell’
Famitsu loves Day of Crisis, gives it lots of points
Nintendo gets clever on YouTube with some viral marketing with Wario
Dirty lies: Lexicon fakes DS screenshots for new game
Ensemble Studios was working on Halo MMO?
Eternal Poison bonus art book to receive exclusive art
Ubisoft to publish Tenchu 4 for the Wii in North America and you will like it
PSN gets an exclusive dose of The Punisher: No Mercy
Bungie has some secretive gibberish on their front page
Disgaea DS and Rhapsody DS voice acting details
Konamistyle gives out the best preorder bonus ever for the new SMT game
Reserve Moon at Gamestop and get a free stylus and case
Xbox Live will be down for maintenance on the 29th, no Avatars yet
Interplay’s web site gets a new look, hints at Fallout MMO
Number munchers: The top-selling console games of the year detailed
Show us your Guild Wars character and win a Miniature Companion!
de Blob’s producer warns that Wii MotionPlus could make control too complex
Mythic on relationship with EA: ‘we got to make the game we wanted’
Mega Man 9 sells 60,000 downloads in one day
No Team Fortress 2 updates for the PS3 … ever
Molyneux: Final Fantasy VII defined RPGs, PS3 lacks ‘OMG’ games
Doods: NIS America is publishing Prinny

Girls would rather play games than sleep? New poll says yes

Atlus drops details on Persona 4 characters

A peek at the LittleBigPlanet Game Jam finalists
Freshly harvested: Rune Factory 2 videos and character art
Video: LittleBigPlanet Game Jam winner inspired by Shadow of the Colossus
GA: Beast Rider making of video act one: I own you, purple chicken!
Debut trailer for Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009: How many wolves must die?

Hamza Aziz