The Daily Hotness: Seth wants you inside of him

I fully intend to have a top whatever sexiest videogame women list at the end of this year. Crimson Viper will definitely be one of the girls to get on the list … even though she kind of looks like Travis Touchdown. 

Dtoid discusses retro, Dale reviewed Moon, GTA IV: Lost and Damneds achievements were released and plenty more happened on 01/21/09.

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C Blogs of 01/21/09


Seriously? Microsoft responds to Hirai’s ‘longevity’ remark
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for PS3
Resident Evil 5 to features 16 player multiplayer mode? (Update)
YUKE’S announces new downloadable games division called Akinai Games
Square-Enix announces Crystal Defenders coming to consoles
What’s next for Team Fortress 2? A ‘very different’ new mode
Free stuff is awesome, but free World of Goo stuff is even more awesome
These are the things you can achieve in GTA: The Lost and Damned
Researcher sees no link between videogames and school shootings
Only one Xbox 360 game gets into Japan’s top 100, DS gets 47
Remember that Sega teaser site with the mushroom?
Flower doesn’t need a demo, it just needs a trailer and a small price
Capcom signs development deal with UK-based Monumental Games
Prototype comic coming in April: Like a videogame, but more comic booky
FigurePrints expands operation, everyone can get a custom WoW toy
Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII countdown … of DEATH!
Brownie Brown interested in Wii title and Mother 3 localization
Gears of War 2 patch is live, getting punched through walls no longer a threat
Battlefield Heroes is still in beta, now accepting more participants
Release date announced for indie music game Auditorium
Meteos Wars Planet Pack is available, don’t trip on the way to the 360
Killzone 2 goes gold, but is not out for another month, so settle the eff down

You know you have the best boyfriend ever when he makes you an ASHPD
Super Mario Land’s complete level maps laser etched onto a laptop
Yakuza 3 gets its own ramen

RPG monsters, as designed by five-year-olds
Huge Onechanbara gallery contains high levels of zombie nonsense

New Street Fighter IV trailer highlights full roster, is totally bananas
We have a suspicion that this is not Dead Rising 2 footage
Ubisoft says I Am Alive due in Q1 of 2009, we’re not buying it
Check out these awesome Moving Memo Pad DSi animations
A flurry of posts about Winter: another Wii game that never was
Ready your drool cup: First four minutes of Assault on Dark Athena

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