The Daily Hotness: Sega bug

See that robo bug? IT was made out of a Sega Saturn flight joystick! Pretty awesome mod. I kind of want this to be a fad sparker and see more of this kind of stuff.

Nick talked it up with Miyamoto, Modern Warfare 2 gets a price hike on the PC, Fist of the North Star will be huge, Pachter talks about the future motion controllers, the CryENGINE 3 is looking really good and more happened on 10/15/09.

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Seasons Beating IV kicks off tomorrow in Columbus Ohio
Borderlands crew plans to attend two midnight releases

Modern Warfare 2 gets $10 price hike on PC
God of War III demo coming, but only for a select few
New Zone of the Enders is top of Kojima’s ‘to do’ list
New Nyko Wand controllers: Black? Psssh, we got color
Scamco strikes again: Magnacarta 2 DLC is already out
ZEN Studios announces Planet Minigolf, a PSN-exclusive
Modern Warfare Wii compared to Modern Warfare PS3/360
German group hosts modern book burning for ‘killer games’
Rare not sure why Donkey Kong 64 isn’t on Virtual Console
Koei Tecmo thinks Fist of the North Star will be huge
Dragon Age flash series, Journeys, announced
Like, OMG! Band Hero demo hits Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Rejoice! Avatar Halloween clothes coming to Xbox Live!
PSN: .detuned to drop today for $2.99, also WTF
Left 4 Dead 2 demo plans detailed
Alpha Protocol arriving Spring 2010, Obsidian is happy
Blur join LEGO Rock Band (Woo Hoo)
250 GB PS3 slim coming to North America on November 3
Saints Row 2 is $7.50 on Steam for today only
Taiko no Tatsujin Wii gets a sequel next month
Huh? DJ Hero and NASCAR together at last
GameStop is safe from digital until 2017, says analyst
Modern Warfare 2’s co-op ‘broke the cinematic experience’
Guitar Hero: Van Halen PS3 delayed due to spellig errer
Pachter thinks Project Natal will cost $50
Pachter: Project Natal > Sony Wiimote
Steam gets its own pre-order bonus for Dragon Age
Pachter: iPod Touch a huge threat to publishers
Fist of the North Star planned for worldwide release
Rockstar announces Legacy Collection, PSN storefront

Incredible Persona customs spotted at Japanese hobby fest
Sega Saturn flight stick transformed into a robo bug

Nintendo announces Pokepark for Wii
Jack Black talks Brutal Legend on Jimmy Kimmel Show
Ooh! Sin and Punishment 2 commercial and trailers
Old lady talks Mirkwood in latest LOTRO expansion trailer
Topatai hits US PSN today, looks bloody weird
Splinter Cell Conviction’s full walkthrough video
GTA’s ‘Fizz’ shows us how Liberty City’s famous party
Run, jump, shoot: check out Sparky’s Star Guard
Fact: old mens’ heads look better, older in CryENGINE 3
Destineer has some Christmas minigames gift for you
First Borderlands DLC bringing the undead to Pandora
Latest Tekken 6 viral features half-naked women

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