The Daily Hotness: Saturday Morning Apocalypse

PowerGlove’s latest CD is now out! Saturday Morning Apocalypse is made up of heavy metal covers of TV theme songs, including the Pokemon theme. Check out the amazing Transformers cover over on their Facebook.

We brought you a exclusive look at Comic Jumper, Naughty Bear is getting pirate DLC, the latest Storm’s Adventure sees him turning Japanese, NARPs for the month of October are up, Jim reviewed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, I checked out the new Earth Defense Force and more happened on 10/01/10.

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EA loses spine, drops Taliban from Medal of Honor
Gears of War 3 delayed until late 2011
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Rock Band DLC: R.E.M., T-Rex
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Good job, world: Recettear is a success
Tony Hawk: SHRED out October 26

Game music exploration for the musically inclined only


Game Party: In Motion announced for Kinect
EA announces Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition
Call of Duty: Black Ops customization looks pretty sexy
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Yakuza 4 screens keep us hungry for the game
New Fez gameplay video! NEW FEZ GAMEPLAY VIDEO!
Bit.Trip BEAT now on available on iPhone/iPad
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