The Daily Hotness: Running away

Today, Anthony revealed his game called Runner that he made with the assistance of Ashley Davis and Jonathan Holmes. It’s a quick little download and won’t take too much time out of your day so go give it a try. As for the main image, I’m just reusing it again because only two people commented on how awesome it was and that’s nowhere near enough comments to satisfy my disgusting ego.

Nick interviewed Titmouse Games, Jonathan Ross reviewed Demigod, Xbox 360 Game of the Year Bundle was announced, Fallout is heading to Vegas next, Harley Quinn is hot and plenty more happened on 04/20/09.

Destructoid Originals:
The Podcastle records tomorrow, we tell you this thing
Runner, a game made by Dtoid staff members, is now playable
New releases: Excitebots, DW: Gundam 2, Zeno Clash and more
Tonight, Podtoid 97 runs on listener questions
Interview: Titmouse Games is a bunch of psychopaths
Ban this SICK FILTH: Games that have upset me

Those About to Die: The Bosses of the Metal Gear Series

Super Yum Yum 3

And the winner of the My DoItAll contest is …

More Sega classics may be coming to XBLA
The Street Fighter IV National Champion is Justin Wong
Nintendo DLC update: Dr. Mario, Crystal Defenders, more
Team Bondi looking for smart people to work on L.A. Noire
Sony ‘captured the hardcore’ with PS3, not with Pokeball
Obsidian developing Fallout: New Vegas for 2010
Street Fighter IV PC release date to be announced in May
Xbox 360 Game of the Year Bundle announced, rumors confirmed
Ex-Sony man thinks the PSP needs better support
Killzone 2 getting a ‘kill Japanese people’ patch April 22
PSP software update features XMB search, Internet security
UK Charts: Wii Fit scores a hat trick
3 million kids are ‘pathological gamers’ … apparently
Check out Miyamoto’s discarded touch screen RPG
Hindu Society pissed about PS2 game, asks it be pulled
ESA celebrates the Pirate Bay convictions
Restraining order granted in Scratch DJ legal battle
Activision planning DLC for upcoming Transformers title
Skype is possible on the DSi, get ready to toss your phones
Salvation for the lost: GPS on your DS Lite?
Bubble Bobble NEO headed to Xbox LIVE Arcade
Major Minor’s Majestic March gets a anime shorts series
Stalin vs. Martians pushed back, but don’t stop dancing
Shadowbane is toast, insert sad face macro here
Left 4 Dead ‘Survival Pack’ hits Xbox LIVE and PC very soon
Sacred 2 developer not doing so hot, goes bankrupt
Star Wars: The Old Republic will cost money, confirmed
Singstar gets patched: Trophies and voice commands added
Domino Master receives an update, also downloadable content
Titmouse want Seven Haunted Seas on Wii, also 360

Real life Mirror’s Edge might make you feel dizzy

Neverwinter Nights 2 ‘Mysteries of Westgate’ hits April 29
D’awwwwwr, the cutest Raskully Profiles yet


Lode Runner makes its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade this week
Check out Harley Quinn in this Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer
Boxers will have style in Fight Night Round 4, act surprised
EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis brings the family together
Ghostbusters: The Video Game looks hot on the Wii

Hamza Aziz