The Daily Hotness: Rhinoceroses don’t wear shirts

Today, Ben PerLee and I brought you all a ton of previews for a bunch of Konami’s games. We saw Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Saw, Vandal Hearts, Zombie Apocalypse and much more! We also brought you a couple of EA previews with Dead Space Extraction and MySims Racing. Go give them a read to see how the games are shaping up!

Jonathan reviewed Art Style: AQUIA, someone wants to make a game with prison rape involved, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga looks hot, inFamous got pushed up and plenty more happened on 04/13/09.

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New releases: Demigod, The Dark Spire and more
Tonight’s Podtoid is in a precarious position
Konami gave me the best swag ever

Forum of the day: Rock Band Unplugged
Community blogs of 04/13/09
Those About to Die: Nocturne’s demons

Winners: Pearl Jam/Rock Band 2 contest

Art Style: AQUIA

Dead Space Extraction
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Deca Sports 2
Puzzle Chronicles
Help Wanted
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment
Zombie Apocalypse
Ant Nation
Six Days in Fallujah
MySims Racing
Karaoke Revolution

Punch-Out!! Wii featuring Don Flamenco?
Prison rape in games? Judge Mathis has you covered
Today’s Amazon Gold Box deals are gaming bargains
Nintendo DLC update: Mixed Messages, Pitfall, more
Video Games Live to close out E3 2009 with a bang
Ghetto Golf mixes guns, golf, and… Tony! Toni! Tone!?
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey game coming to Wii, DS
Safeco Field’s Nintendo Fan Network gets a 1-UP
Rumortoid: No UMD version of Patapon 2?
Just kidding: inFamous not coming out in June, now May 26
WET definitely slated for 2009, but sorting out publishing
Nintendo finally gets patent for Wii sensor bar stand
Map editor and image tool coming to PC version of Braid

Silent Hill priest Munny is nightmarish, awesome

New Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires stuff appears, revel in it
Put on your robe and wizard hat for Magician’s Quest DS
Handful of new screens for Super Robot Taisen OG Saga
Sacred 2 still coming to consoles, here are some screens

Atlus’ Droplitz: new puzzler for Xbox Live, PSN, and PC
Miami Law bringing down the law to the DS
Kicking EDF’s ass with Red Faction: Guerrilla’s ‘Walkers’

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