The Daily Hotness: Retro goodness (09/16/08)

Seriously, Capcom, you all rock. This has got to be one of the coolest swags ever made for a game. Hopefully Capcom sends one my way as I really want to be a giant dick and give the cartridge to a friend. I want to watch him as he desperately tries to get the game to work on an actual NES. 

Nick previews Guitar Hero World Tour, a new contest is announced today, the Housers may be leaving Rockstar, 100 sealed Virtual Boys were found in Dubai, Soulja Boy doesn’t like Braid and plenty more happened on Tuesday. 

Tuesday Regulars:
RetRose Tinted: Blackthorne
Podtoid 68: Nobody’s played Killer Instinct
Games time forgot: Half-Life: Opposing Force
Game Debate to the Death! Aladdin VS NBA Jam
Scraps: Energy reserves are low, Captain (9/16/2008)

Making music and noise with Wii Guitar Hero World Tour’s Mii Freestyle mode
How you’ll use your Rock Band drums with Guitar Hero World Tour
Murderous hands-on with Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts
The big bads of Silent Hill: Homecoming

Destructoid interview:
Guitar Hero World Tour Lead Designer Alan Flores

Become a voice for game rights, enter to win a PSP with God of War and GTA

World at War will NOT charge for level ups
MS man offers to meet Sony after school for a punch-up
European Xbox 360 price cut confirmed
Activision plans to triple the amount of Guitar Hero games by 2010
Sega is ‘MAKING RPG NOW’ with dragons n’ stuff
Konami announces Suikoden: Tierkreis for the DS
Could the Housers be leaving Rockstar?
Nintendo per-employee profit higher than Google, Goldman Sachs
Levine ‘informally engaged’ with BioShock 2
Tales of Hearts: Anime vs. CGI time!
Nintendo: ‘one-of-a-kind’ celestial event coming in September
In2Games Gametrak Freedom controller for PS3 and Xbox 360 hits pleasure points
Go grab Wario’s ‘coin sack’ at Six Flags this Summer
Microsoft completely fixated on Sony, according to Peter Moore
Fable II Pub Games cheaters are going to get screwed.
Hot girl-on-girl: Arcana Heart 2 headed to US arcades
DS RPG Item Getter lets you draw your own items
Take-Two shares plummet after EA drops their bid
Ubisoft has a death wish: Puts Endwar up against Gears and Resistance sequels
Is Beyond Good & Evil headed back to store shelves?
DJ Hero confirmed, called a ‘licensing nightmare’
Activision to release Bond games yearly, at least Craig is sexy
Konami unveils the Silent Hill: Homecoming widget
EA tackles Spore complaints, changing one DRM policy in compromise
PS3 firmware update is for Japan, but you can have it if you want

MGS4’s Payton to head up Halo Chronicles

100 sealed Virtual Boy units were found in Dubai
How Warcraft will DEFINITELY aid terrorism
You might want to sit down for this: Mega Man 9’s packaging
Pac-Man spotted on a British runway

New Bomberman Blast screens feature men bombing things
More X-Blades screens, no further developments on clothing situation

Self-taught man makes DS game in five years … solo!
Travellers Tales has released info on LEGO Batman vehicles
Treyarch talks AI and CoD 4 engine in Quantum of Solace, also Craig is a zombie
New X-Blades trailer has bipedal wolves and still not much clothing
Portal gets a fan-made prequel in Portal: Prelude
Jonathan Blow, take heed: rapper Soulja Boy reviews Braid
Please enjoy these gory trailers for Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway
Go back in time in EA’s NBA Live 09 with NBA Live Rewind

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