The Daily Hotness: Release dates can move up? (8/29/08)

Who knew that release dates could move anywhere other than back? Oh well, I’m certainly not going to complain if I can play Dead Space a week earlier. Except I won’t be able to, because the PC version is still coming out on Halloween. Goddammit EA.

Square-Enix is trying to buy out Tecmo, Walmart wants videogames to be more environmentally friendly, some possibly disturbing Captain Rainbow footage was revealed, and plenty more happened on Destructoid today.

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Ninja Gaiden II brings frustrating difficulty to one million customers
Epic’s feeling risky with Gears of War 2‘s story
Square Enix makes an offer for Tecmo
Dead Space release date pushed … forward?
Walmart wants games biz to go green
Tekken 6 to be updated, I pay tens of thousands of dollars to suck
Majesco may get booted off the stock market
Renegade Kid’s new title published by Gamecock, features ‘horror icon’
Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead getting dedicated Live servers
Turning Point developer hates on Codemasters and loves on Atari
PSP 3000’s hottest feature: Reduced battery life
Console sales falling in Japan, Nintendo panics and jumps out of a window
EA giving away free gas for Mercenaries 2
Rock the vote for Bad Company maps
StarCraft II might add something original in an expansion pack
Stardock drafts “The Gamer’s Bill of Rights,” steals my heart
Mines of Moria in final beta phase, Turbine is offering invites

Rumortoid: Resident Evil 2 shambling to the Wii

Trailers & Videos:
Is Captain Rainbow a sordid sex marathon?

Hot new Mega Man 9 screens, awful pun intended
Gears of Wars 2 screens make you wish you had a chainsaw handy
Tony Hawk’s Motion and Hue Pixel Painter unveiled

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