The Daily Hotness: Recovery

E3 is over but we still have a ton of fresh content to bring your way. Expect plenty of more previews all week long as well as a ton of original video content. YEAH BOY!

Destructoid Originals:
Sega talks Sonic 4 leaks and mine cart controversies
Sonic 4 was a case of ‘the right team at the right time’
Jaffe explains how twisted the T-rated Twisted Metal gets
Monday Mind Teasers: Fault Line


Something About E3: Imaginings From 20 Years Ago

E3 10: Batman: The Brave & the Bold impressions
Dead Space 2 impressions from E3 2010
Preview: Two Worlds II (it’s actually fun!)
Kinect title Dance Central generates crazy buzz at E3
Mortal Kombat recaptures the spirit of its origins
Blasting off to space in Halo: Reach


UK Charts: Cowboys still more popular than plumbers
Kung Fu Factory to fight for dominance with Supremacy MMA
360 Deal of the Week: LOL SPORTS
Xbox 360 slims shut down to prevent Red Ring of Death
Nintendo’s Iwata concerned about currency fluctuations
Idiot with pipe tries to steal Xbox, fails spectacularly
Reminder: Crackdown 2 available for download now
Sony: PSP has a ‘ten year life cycle’
Nintendo DLC: Bearsworth Manor, Art Style, T-Rex rumbles!
Iwata: 3D’s popularity was very lucky for Nintendo
Driver: San Francisco limited edtion pops up in Europe
Time Crisis to be the first bundled Move game?
BloodRayne: The Shroud coming to 3DS!
Ninja Theory: ‘We would’ve done Heavenly Sword 2’
Nintendo’s Iwata on 3DS’s final price
Free App of the Day: Bit Pilot
Retail leak: Persona 3 Portable coming to Europe?
Nintendo talks e-reader functionality for 3DS
Telltale’s Jurassic Park series will be more serious
Believe it or not, work continues on Wii Vitality Sensor
So much indie: ModDB’s latest creation, IndieDB
3DS will be available worldwide by March 2011
Microsoft Store says Kinect costs $149.99

Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews to grace NHL 11 cover
Adorable violence aplenty in Naughty Bear’s multiplayer

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