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This is old news by Internet standards, but it turns out that ReBoot is being, well, rebooted. To commemorate 20 years since the debut of the original show about weird teal people living inside a computer, Rainmaker Entertainment is bringing the classic CG cartoon back. Reboot!

On Destructoid, Caitlin talked to Ken Levine about BioShock Infinite‘s DLC, Hamza previewed Super Mario 3D World, Alessandro previewed Path of Exile, and so much more happened on this fine day.

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Ken Levine on the evolution of Elizabeth in Burial at Sea
Friday Night Fights: Grand Theft Auto Online

Community blogs of 10/4
Forum thread of the day: Shmup recommendations

Contest: Win early access to BetaDwarf’s Forced on Steam!

Preview: BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea: Episode 1
Super Mario 3D World is an absolute blast to play
Path of Exile launches on Steam this month

Nintendo’s 2013 IndieCade booth is the place to be

Most dangerous game: First PS4 trophy list emerges
Nintendo bringing open source MonoGame Framework to Wii U
League of Legends has a new, Coke Zero-sponsored series
Analysts: PS4 will outsell Xbox One this holiday season
Balancing act: Killer Instinct to have early access tests
The League of Legends World Championship is today
Ikaruga targets PC release via Steam Greenlight
Amazon set to release set-top box this Holiday
Plants vs Zombies: The Last Stand is an arcade game
SimCity team looking into offline mode
Aww! Tiny Death Star, Disney’s new Star Wars game
Pokemon X/Y Transfer App detailed, arrives in December
Lots of new Silent Hill soundtracks are available now
Valve details its high-end Steam Machine prototype
Capcom: Dead Rising 3 looks like an open-world Uncharted
PixelJunk Shooter heading to PC, Mac, Linux next month
More than 1,000 people worked on Grand Theft Auto V
Flower on PlayStation 4 runs at 1080p, 60 FPS
Own Interplay’s entire library for $125

South Park, murder porn, cable companies, and Minecraft
Look at Yoshitaka Amano’s Deva Zan story and art book
Never eat Indian people: Switching to Trevor in GTA V

This Battlefield 4 beta video won’t calm your nerves
Klefki is a Pokemon that is a KEY RING. IT IS A KEY RING.
Pokemon X/Y final starter evolutions leaked
A full 10-minute Yakuza Ishin trailer to have a fit over
Glare is a pretty indie platformer starring a sun god
Typography fans, unite! Type:Rider comes out soon

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