The Daily Hotness: Random employee kidnapping

We took a look at our most anticipated games of E3 2010. Man, if we’re this pumped for the already announced games, imagine how giddy your loyal Destructoid staff will become once the true surprises start rolling in.

Some more rad-looking Pokemon were revealed, issues of Playboy continued to invade our beloved videogames, Dale totally wore a hat in the name of Persona, Hamza got in a bar fight, and more happened on 6/11/10.

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The Great Escape: Tiny Plastic Guitars and Wiimotes


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Review: Backbreaker

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E3 2010:

E3 10: Supremacy MMA for PS3, 360 enters the ring
Rumor: Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II, DOA 5 at E3?
E3 10: A creepy look at Homefront’s ‘future history’
Rumor: 3DS specifics plus a mock-up
E3 10: This Comic Jumper trailer does not disappoint
E3 10: Shank is looking as smooth as ever
E3 10: Devil’s Third from Itagaki and Valhalla revealed

Wallace and Gromit on their merry way to iPad
There will be a Crysis 2 beta that you could play in
Itagaki’s next game revealed tonight on GameTrailers TV
Final Fantasy IX hits US PSN this Tuesday!
Collect Playboy in Dead Rising 2, and why not?
EA reveals Spare Parts, it has cute robots in it
A mysterious ION-branded controller appears!
Sony: Kutaragi was ‘right’ to release expensive PS3
Okami artist goes biblical with El Shaddai for 360/PS3
Sony Japan teasing Patapon 3?
Free App of the Day: Watermelon!
Goodbye, free time: Civilization V coming this September
Here’s another batch of Pokemon from Black/White
PS3 and PC will get MW2’s ‘Resurgence Pack’ in July

Arguably the best Viewtiful Joe papercraft ever made
Kane and Lynch’s Kane drunk dials us, has wrong number
George W. Bush wanted for mass murder in Deus Ex


Necromachina is from the creator of Strider
Conduit 2 to support MotionPlus
Hot Starcraft II commercial full of cinematic goodness
Here’s your first look at XCOM

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