The Daily Hotness: Price raise

So Xbox Live is going up in price  soon. You can snag a good deal on the service now, but damn. Picture unrelated.

Sean Carey looks at trial and error gameplay, Nick reviewed Guilty Party, PAX is this week OMG, the DSi and DSi XL are getting price drops, Borderlands is getting a “Game of the Year” edition and more happened on 08/30/10.

Destructoid Originals:
New releases: Metroid: Other M, Castle Crashers and more
You keep using that word: “trial and error”


Community blogs of 08/30/10

Guilty Party

Win some awesome Castle Crashers figures and goodies!
Contest: Win a Limited Collector’s Edition of Ys SEVEN

PAX Prime 10:
Ubisoft has a lot going on at PAX 2010
See Dead Rising 2’s Chuck Greene in toy form at PAX
Vblank is going all out with Retro City Rampage at PAX


Gran Turismo will have an optional 10 GB install
Atlus being merged by parent company
Epic Mickey Collector’s Edition is… well, you can guess
Microsoft raising Xbox Live subscription prices
Gearbox drops details on Borderlands Game of The Year
Hudson’s Lost in Shadow partners with Child’s Play
TRON collector’s edition comes with tiny light bike
StarCraft II to get unofficial iPad or iPhone control
Space Invaders: Infinity Gene on XBLA/PSN in September
Enslaved takes over YouTube, sweepstakes announced
Xbox 360 Deal of the Week: Alien-themed games
Free App of the Day: Ghosts Attack
Blizzard would do a StarCraft movie with James Cameron
Microsoft making a game for ‘core’ PC gamers’

Unused enemies and planet from Super Mario Galaxy
Record of Agarest War 2 ups the naughtiness with screens
Hunted: Demon’s Forge gets some slices of artwork
Monday Night Combat getting update, merch and DLC
EA registers,, The…
NIntendo DSi and DSi XL prices dropping next month
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn sets November 29
Try to remember what Quantum Theory is with these screens
Commodore USA producing modern PCs in replica cases
Online RPG based on the European Parliament
Dead State is Doublebear’s new zombie roleplaying game

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