The Daily Hotness: Portal 2 bonus and more Final Fantasy

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Two big stories broke last night. First, Portal 2 for the PS3 version will be getting Steam support and anyone that purchases that version of the game will get the PC/Mac versions for free on Steam. Then you got the new Final Fantasy announcements, which include Final Fantasy XIII-2 because who in god’s name knows why.

Holmes looks at some games that would be a good fit for the 3DS, Kongregate Arcade bringing over 300 games to Android, Dead Space 2 delayed in Germany and more happened on 1/18/11.

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Kongregate Arcade bringing over 300 games to Android
Video Games Live adds Halo: Reach
PSP gets 8 NEOGEO titles on PSN today
Cage: Heavy Rain made games a more meaningful medium
Good Old Games adds Police Quest series to service
Alan Wake finally on PC with… a themepack
Nintendo confirms possibility of 3DS region locking
Killzone 3 ‘more fluid, less irritating’ than KZ2
Plants vs. Zombies hits the DS with new modes
Majesco announces ‘Pet Zombies’ and ‘Face Kart’ for 3DS
Dead Space 2 delayed in Germany due to censorship
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets trailer, screenshot, bit of art
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Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden brings a lil’ Zelda to iOS
Eat everything in PSN game About a Blob
Animus Project Update 2.0 provides new map and game mode
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New Conduit 2 trailer is packing heat
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First game for Chinese eBox Kinect-ish console, Flyimal

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