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I was chatting with Dtoider Hkun (and others) one night when he brought up the ”SOON.” Magikarp picture. That got me thinking. On a good day, I feel like a level 19 Magikarp with about one fifth of the experience bar filled. More often, however, I feel like a level 11 Magikarp, entirely too cognizant of the soul-crushing reality of life. This awareness, however, does allow me to warmly embrace pedantry and philosophize, which is the basis for my newly established goal of becoming the greatest Poke-Philosopher that ever was. There’s little money in the field and I doubt I will be seen as an equal in the field of general philosophy. However, my first axiom is one that aptly pertains to this path. Remember, there are no rare candies on the path of life. Each experience point is a self-contained journey, and invaluable.

Today, Jim’s reviews of Bodycount and Crimson Alliance went live, along with a preview for a Metroid-style iOS game, Sophie Prell delivered another remarkably divisive editorial — this time on the current state and the future of the 360 with respect to the Japanese market, Square Enix delivered some troubling updates on Dragon Quest X, and more!

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Richard Garriott open to working with EA on more Ultima
Resistance 3 ‘Survival’ DLC coming October 3
Team Meat would ‘never’ make a game that can’t be on PC
Dragon Quest X must be played online, will have usage fee
Dead Nation expansion ‘Road of Devastation’ coming
Error results in free Uplay Pass content for Driver: SF
Dead Island Map App is a Dead Island map … as an app
Riot Games closes League of Legends on Mac
Creative director Ryan Payton leaves Halo 4
Steam Trading exits beta, now supports more games
XBL Gold members can save on Bad Company 2 DLC this week
Batman: Arkham City OST announced
Act 1 of Suda 51’s Sdatcher has been released
Space Invaders: Infinity Gene invading Android tomorrow
GameStop planning to stock iOS devices
Monster Hunter (Tri) 3G and 2nd analog nub bound for 3DS
Atari Flashback 3 includes 60 built-in Atari 2600 games

Shadows of the Damned’s damn good soundtrack for sale
Activision funded sequel to Call of Duty film is now live
Modern Warfare 3: Yet another multiplayer trailer
Mobile strategy game Star Command gets a Kickstarter
Lots of douchey PlayStation Move ‘lifestyle’ shots
PC release of Dead Island is console dev port? (Update)
Minecraft ‘Adventure Update’ teased with a trailer
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New Grand Theft Auto IV mod brings us back to Vice City
Tour of From Software shows where Dark Souls was born
Beautiful cityscapes shown in new Cities XL 2012 images
New Rise of Nightmares trailer looks more familiar
Guardian Heroes for XBLA gets solid release date
Oniken is an old-school mashup of NES action favorites
Catch some exclusive Grasshopper news on Call of Podcast
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