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PAX is next week. Are you ready to have the best weekend of your life when it comes to a gaming convention? Join the PAX Google Group to plan with your fellow Dtoiders.

Ben checked out the latest from BioShock 2, we’re giving away 4 Galaxy S Epic phones, Xbox 360 voice chat is going to be improved, Playboy launches a games label and more happened on 08/26/10.

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New releases: Shank, Mafia II, Scott Pilgrim and more

Community blogs of 08/26/10

G.G Series Ninja Karakuri Den

Hands-on: BioShock 2’s Minerva’s Den
Hands-on: Drawn: Dark Flight

We’re giving away 4 Samsung Galaxy S Epic phones!
Win some awesome Castle Crashers figures and goodies!

PAX 10:
Nintendo at PAX: Donkey Kong, Kirby, new WiiWare title


Resistance 3 due for launch in 2011
Sony: We’ll always need physical media
Rock of the Dead gets free iDevice apps, new trailers
Trophies not coming to PSP
Harley Quinn has a new look in Arkham City art
Doctor Who games in development for Wii and DS
Google gaming boss resigns
PS3 Move Champion Pack looks lulzy
600 Best Buys start game trade-in program today
Sony believes PS3 could top PS2’s 10 year sales
Man who raped, killed disabled teen endorses D&D Online
Joe Danger gets YouTube replays, level sharing, and more
Steam: Five percent are Macs, 72 using Intel chips
Warning: A lot of Clash of the Titans add-ons coming
Planet Minigolf gets patched for Move control
Free App of the Day: Crazy Test
Rumor: Brad Pitt to star in Red Dead Redemption movie
Xbox 360 voice chat quality to improve
GameFly sale: God of War III, BioShock 2, and a lot more
Microsoft to present Tokyo Game Show 2010 keynote
‘Minerva’s Den’ add-on hits BioShock 2 next week
Rare Breeds: Petunia is the most relaxing game ever
Valve talks canceled ‘flying fairy’ RPG
Sega’s Back to School sale discounts iPhone, iPad games
Join CivAnon, potentially win big money, big prizes
ESRB text for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage is rad

Musical puzzler Chime coming to Steam


Crysis 2 Limited Edition content detailed with a video
DJ Hero 2 soundtrack is 105 songs strong
An epic tease of Rockman Online
New Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman screenshots
Playboy launching games label, starts with MMO
Live-action Halo: Reach trailer delivers hope
More mesmerizing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 footage

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