The Daily Hotness: PAX will be the hotness (07/25/08)

For those of you that I get to talk to on a daily basis within the community, you know that I’m probably the most excited for PAX out of everyone that’s going. I’ve been dickisly teasing people for a while now about something really cool that Destructoid is trying to do at PAX. Niero finally revealed it in his liveblog of the Penny Arcade panel earlier that we should be having a Destructoid Panel at PAX. First one to ask us how many wolves must die gets cocktapped by Keener. That’s a good thing.

Stan Lee talks about videogames, Jonathan Holmes interviews Mike Wilson, pornstar Tera Patrick joins Saints Row 2, Mr. Destructoid gets in Final Fantasy IV, and plenty more happened on Friday.  

Friday Regulars:
RetroforceGO! episode 54: Goemon with Stella Wong
Art Attack Friday: A picture of a rock
Friday Night Fights: Comic-Con 08 edition
Scraps: Fangs for the memories (7/25/08)

Comic-Con 08 Liveblogs:
Liveblogging Capcom’s “How to get a job in the industry” panel
Liveblogging the Penny Arcade panel

Comic-Con 08 Videos:
Brand new Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer makes me feel itchy
Cammy and others may come to Street Fighter IV home version
The Street Fighter IV panel abridged, presented in shakycam
Stan Lee: Video games have already gone beyond movies

Comic-Con 08 News:
Marvel hints at a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. THAT’S SO PRINGLES!
Mortal Kombat: Kollection PS2 details
Shazam, the Joker, and Green Lantern headed to MK vs. DC
Rumortoid:TR2N trailer retro-gasm gives old nerds new lease on life

Comic-Con 08 Lulz:
Worst. Booth. Babes. Ever. Also, a silly gallery

E3 2008 Leftovers:
Interview with GameCock CEO Mike Wilson

Destructoid Reviews:
Gameloft iPhone review blitzkrieg

Former XNA manager worried about the quality of Community Games
THQ hires porn star as ‘special producer’ for Saints Row 2
Kaz Hirai would rather take a bullet to the head than pick up a 360 exclusive
Wii-a-boo? Even more manga is coming to the Japanese Wii
Telltale to release Wallace & Gromit episodic game
Bungie: three games in development, no PAX announcements
Believe it! Ubisoft confirms new Naruto game in development
Miyamoto better at ‘traditional’ instead of casual
Favre wearing green and gold forever on Madden ’09 cover

First 4 Figures unveils Ryu Hayabusa statue

Mr. Destructoid in Final Fantasy IV DS

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