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Brilliant ad campaign, Old Spice. This is how you advertise to this generation.

Ben and I checked out a bunch of NIS America games, the Jimquisition quistions reviews, Sonic gets a new voice actor, GoldenEye 007 looks pretty rad and more happened on 07/16/10.

Destructoid Originals:
The Jimquisition: Your reviews are TEH BIAS
NIS scaling back game releases to focus on quality
NIS promises Disgaea 4 will ‘evolve to a new level’


Community blogs of 07/16/10
Forum of the day: Ghost/Scary Stories or Videos


Atelier Rorona trailer mixes up the magic
Cladun: This is an RPG is a new RPG by NIS

Do something naughty and win Naughty Bear!


New Sony patents suggest another use for stereoscopic 3D
Pachter: Activision must charge fees for Call of Duty
Centipede and Star Raiders may be getting remakes also
Android: Let’s Golf HD free on HTC EVO 4G and Nexus One
Xbox 360 Slim sees ‘amazing demand’ in Europe
Epic’s Mark Rein heckles indie devs, told to f*ck off
Rock Band DLC: The Stooges, Bad Religion
There will be no Brutal Legend 2
Mega Man Universe announced [Update]
Atomic’s Breach delayed until 2011, getting new features
A Game of Thrones to become a strategy game
Capcom to bring arcade classics to Wii Virtual Console
Sonic the Hedgehog getting a new voice actor
Fallout: New Vegas graphic novel, ‘All Roads’ revealed
Street Fighter IV Fightstick game bundle for $42.88
Predators on App store now, supposed to be quite good
A wild Spec Ops: The Line closed beta appears!
SOE’s Battle of the Legends tournament at Comic-Con
Free App of the Day: Fly Fu
Okami ‘Three Wolf God Sun’ shirt is AMAZING!
Damn: Starcraft II cost $100 million to make

Fan-made film goes Beyond Black Mesa
Dude is selling his NES for $35,000 to pay bills
This is seriously the best Star Fox shirt ever


Castlevania: Harmony of Despair shots of Soma, Charlotte
Meow Meow Happy Fight coming to App Store
The Kore Gang still looks f*cking delightful
James Bond: Blood Stone with Joss Stone announced
Cave bringing DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu to iPhone
Oh look, some new Sonic Colors DS screens
Ar tonelica Qoga announced for 2011, stripper magic too
Z.H.P. trailer might be greatest trailer in the universe
An item-making RPG with Atelier Rorona
Cave’s next game announced: Red Katana
The girls of Neptune get frisky in new artwork
Red Dead’s ‘Legends and Killers’ pack in screenshots
New GoldenEye 007 trailer rekindles the love
PS3 version of Mafia II getting free content on release
This is how you play NHL Slapshot

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