The Daily Hotness: Oh no Internets!

I’ve been gone all day so I have no idea what’s going on. Anything good happen? Otherwise, here’s a new Mega64.

We’re looking for writers for our new movie site, Kinect pricing has been revealed, Samit reviewed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Conrad checked out Darkspore, you got the chance to win a set of ASTRO Gaming headsets, and more happened on 07/20/10.

Destructoid Originals:
Looking for some writers for Modern Method’s upcoming movie site
Kinect pricing, new 360 SKU, bundles revealed
Game SERIES Debate to the Death! K.O.T.O.R. series
Good on camera? Destructoid is hiring


Community blogs of 07/20/10

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

The difference an era makes in Mafia II

Win a ASTRO A30 headset with custom Destructoid art!

Scott Pilgrim exclusive to PSN for two weeks
Fight Night Champion revealed
Stuntman, NFL Tour, Facebreaker hit Xbox Games on Demand
Activision: Call of Duty is this generation’s Star Wars
Amazon Gold Box has Xbox 360 deals all day long
Sakaguchi not retiring after The Last Story
Dead Rising event reveals new details of Case Zero
Rumor: Namco vs. Capcom will be two separate games
ESRB reveals Ghost Recon Predator for PSP
X-COM gets multiplayer thanks to a fan patch
Need for Speed World hits PC on July 27, now if you pay
EA, American McGee reveal Alice: Madness Returns
FPS Terminator, now in (early) playable form
Play Alien Swarm, get a Parasite hat in Team Fortress 2
Microsoft motion control price chart based on fantasy

Mike Haggar REFORM and more Capcom shirts hitting Zazzle
Zombies Took My Daughter is a flash game you can play
Banpresto selling glut of Mother toys in next six months
Heroism: Man steals two Xbox 360s while carrying a baby
NES replica made out of wood
This Metal Gear / Call of Duty mashup will make your day
New Zealand TV channel copies a PS3 commercial

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has a new trailer
This is what the box for Last Window looks like
Power Gig’s story is something you must hear to believe
Listen up, masochists: Another Trials HD add-on is coming
Localized demo for item-shop RPG Recettear available now
Use physics against aliens in Red Faction: Armageddon
Shank dated for PSN/XBLA, co-op trailerized

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