The Daily Hotness: Noisy Labor Day parades (9/1/08)

This morning I was awoken by the lamest parade ever. At first, all I heard was some music outside; a small (yet very loud) marching band was slowly making its way along the street in front of my house. Once they and their blaring instruments finally made it past I figured I could get back to sleep. Such plans were quickly dashed, however, as a ridiculously long column of cars and semi-trucks that felt the need to blare their horns every two seconds came along next: for twenty minutes straight it was nothing but honk-honk-honk-honk-honk. Not a fun way to start the day.

The Fallout 3 achievements are revealed, Jim talks about videogame characters that need to make a comeback, Peter Molyneux gives Fable II a nine out of ten, and plenty more happened on Destructoid today.

Monday Regulars:
New releases for the week of 9/1/08

Monthly Musings:
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PAX 2008:
PAX 08: Cheapy D and Gay Gamer talk online communities
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Ten videogame characters due a comeback

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Castle Crashers getting patched up soon: Want it NAOW!
Microsoft Japan slashing console prices: Smell the desperation
1: Make LBP levels, 2: Get hired by Media Molecule, 3: ???, 4: Profit!
The Daily Mail loves Braid: British tabloid in game-liking SHOCKER!
Ninja Gaiden II patch makes game more playable, Itagaki still gone
Former Nintendo exec says that dumb parents shouldn’t have sex
LittleBigPlanet bundle listed and priced for French people
Gauntlet DS throwing enemy after enemy at you in October
Virtual Console Releases for the week of 9/1
GoW 2 producer thinks the Xbox 360 is reaching its potential
Fallout 3 Achievements revealed, rewards for story objectives confirmed
Best Buy offering eleven GH III tracks for ordering a crappy Metallica CD
Final PAX attendance numbers confirmed, officially greatest event ever

Off Beat:
10-year-old arrested for stealing from a fruit machine
Fable II scored 9/10 … from Peter Molyneux
Puzzler proposals and DS wedding cakes

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 coming soon, have some new screens

Trailers & Videos:
Ninja Blade arrives with teaser trailer and the most imaginative name ever
Mexicans ruin everything: El Fuerte breaks Street Fighter IV
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 demo gameplay video: No BURNING FINGER yet

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